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Thailand’s Regulators Allow Bitcoin Futures Trading

Investors in Thailand can now trade bitcoin futures listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange a..

Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency Declared Illegal

The Venezuelan parliament has declared the oil-backed cryptocurrency created by President Nicol..

Kodak Getting Into Bitcoin Mining

Kodak, a legacy photography company synonymous with the last century, is to launch its own cryp..

Kodak Gets in on the Blockchain and ICO Picture

Kodak, the iconic photography company first established in in the 1880s, has joined the bloc..

How a Hackathon Birthed the CryptoKitties Origin Story

“CryptoKitties,” the most popular game ever released on the Ethereum blockchain to date,..

UBI Blockchain Is the Latest in Series of SEC Cryptocurrency Crackdown Targets

In a story that is getting all too familiar recently, the Securities Exchange Commission (SE..

South Korea Urges 23 Countries, EU, and IMF to Collaborate on Curbing Crypto Trading

The South Korean government has called for financial regulators and central bankers of 23 other..

Seigi (@Seigi44 )

Doing 10,000 $XRP giveaway! All you have to do to enter is: 1. RETWEET AND LIKE THIS 2. FOLL..

Iranian Banker Calls for Cryptocurrency Acceptance

An official at Iran’s biggest bank called for bankers to use digital currencies themselve..

Blockchain Bridges Gap Between App Developers and Users in a Trustworthy and Open Market

The aspect of Blockchain technology that eliminates the need for intermediaries is one of the ..