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Autor: Cryptwoway

Garzik Forks UnitedBitcoin Away from «Maximalists» to Support Altcoin Communities

A new project called UnitedBitcoin (warning: the site autoplays audio) promises to add smart..

South Korea Moves to Regulate Domestic Bitcoin Trading, Exchanges

Since late November 2017, South Korea has looked to regulate cryptocurrency trading in domes..

After Segwit2x Failed Jeff Garzik Reveals “United Bitcoin”

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Israeli PM: Bitcoin Could Replace Banks

In a YouTube video from Dec. 12, PM Netanyahu stated that banks are destined to disappear -- c..

Bitcoin Cash Price Eyes the $2,000 Target as Bitcoin’s Struggle Becomes More Apparent

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Israeli PM Netanyahu Says Bitcoin Is Rising as Banks Are Destined to Disappear

With the meteoric rise in the value of bitcoin this year and the media cacophony around it, its..

Federal Reserve Chair: “Fed Doesn’t Really Play Any Regulatory Role” in Bitcoin

Following her next-to-last Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, outgoing Federal Reser..

PR: Game Machine ICO Finds a Way to Make Investors, Gamers and Developers Happy

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated ..

It’s Official: Bitcoin Was Bigger Than North Korea and the Eclipse This Year

For people who work, live, and trade bitcoin, it can be hard to get a true perspective on the d..

BANKEX’s Ambitious Crusade to Reshape Traditional Finance

A lack of synergistic connection points between the blockchain sector and traditional financ..