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Categoría: Bitcoin

Hong Kong Company Set to Build Crypto Mining Farm and Museum on Russian Island

One of the first foreign cryptocurrency companies to take advantage of a Russian free trade zon..

Developers Invoke the Idea of Bitcoin Cash-Based Colored Coins

This week the Openbazaar developer, Chris Pacia, got the bitcoin cash (BCH) community excited a..

SophiaTX Integrates Blockchain Technology With SAP

In September, SophiaTX announced the first open-source platform to primarily integrate block..

Don’t Ban Bitcoin – Russian Banker

Russian bank head calls for Bitcoin acceptance. Original article from: Cointelegraph.com News..

PR: Alphaex.net Partners with Xinfin.Org to Provide Digital Exchange Backbone for It’s Pilot Projects

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated ..

Paradise Papers Reveal Bitfinex’s Devasini and Potter Established Tether Already Back in 2014

Bitfinex’s Giancarlo Devasini and Philip Potter has been named in the Paradise Papers –..

Bitcoin Gold Wallet That Stole Private Keys Scooped $3.3 Million

Last week it emerged that a fake BTG wallet which had been promoted on the bitcoin gold website..

Six of the World’s Most Bitcoin-Friendly Neighborhoods

If you’ve tired of trying to red-pill your mom on bitcoin, and your mailman isn’t feeling y..

New Development, Bulletproofs, Can Make Bitcoin Transactions Confidential

A new development could have a major impact on Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other similar platforms. ..

Bitcoin Cash Sees Significant Support and Adoption Over Four Months

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is almost four months old from when it split away from the legac..