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Categoría: Bitcoin

Peter Schiff: China’s Gold-Backed Crypto Would Be Bearish for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has no backing, Peter Schiff reminds Max Keiser Original article from: Cointelegraph...

Crypto Secularizes Wealth by Returning Power to the People

Secularization is the process of converting something from a religious status to a nonreligious..

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China Now Censors Anti-Blockchain Sentiment, Educates Public on Bitcoin

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Critics Savage Research Paper Alleging Lone Whale Caused Bitcoin’s 2017 Rally

Crypto commenters have torn into a new research paper alleging a single whale caused bitcoin&rs..

Britain’s Tax Authority Updates Crypto Guidelines

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has updated its guidelines on the taxation of tr..

Bitcoin and Gold Jockey for Position in $10K Long-Term Investment Poll

In which asset class would you direct $10,000 in investment capital – bitcoin or gold? There&..

Beyond China and North America: The Decentralization of Bitcoin Mining

Most of what you’ll read about bitcoin mining will be about mining operations in China and N..

Crypto Winter Claims Another Victim as DX Exchange Closes

The digital assets market has been on an upward trend recently, with top cryptocurrencies such ..

Bad Loans at Big British Banks Jump Over 50% in a Year

Shaken by the never-ending saga around Brexit and the global slowdown, the British economy is n..