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Etiqueta: Coronavirus

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Demand for Charter Cities During Covid-19 Pandemic Grows Exponential – People Desire Semi-Autonomous Zones

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Roger Ver Donates $10K in Bitcoin Cash to Casa de Amparo Children’s Shelter

Just recently Bitcoin.com’s Roger Ver donated $10,000 worth of bitcoin cash to the charit..

US Government Prediction: Economy Faces 10-Year Recovery, $8 Trillion Loss From Coronavirus

The U.S. Congressional Budget Office has projected that the coronavirus crisis will cost the U...

Hackers Move Another $800K in BTC Stolen From the 2016 Bitfinex Breach

Another $800,000 worth of bitcoin from the Bitfinex hack of four years ago has been moved to an..

For the Blockchain Industry, the COVID-19 Clock Is Ticking

The crypto industry has the best historical moment to change the discourse about crypto and it..