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Etiqueta: Malware

Cryptojacking: A Rising Threat to All Internet Users

The cryptocurrency revolution steadily marches on. While it has yet to completely reshape the f..

Research: New Malware Employs Tor and Bittorrent To Steal Bitcoin and Ether

A new trojan called Krypto Cibule uses infested computers’ power to mine cryptocurrency, ..

Tesla Foils Ransomware Attack After Employee Rejects Bitcoin Bribe Worth $1 Million

Tesla’s Elon Musk has said the company recently foiled attempts to infect its computer ne..

Aviation Database Struck By Unknown Ransomware Gang

A ransomware attack against Garmin affected pilots that rely on the company’s support for av..

LG and Mitsubishi Hit by Ransomware Attacks, Data Leak ‘Coming Soon’

Maze and Doppelpaymer are threatening to leak data from LG and Mitsubishi respectively after l..

Online Fantasy Sports Company Recognizes Ransomware Attack in SEC Filing

DraftKing reveals that a ransomware attack was behind the latest cybersecurity incident of SBT..

Botnet Exploits SQL Servers to Install Crypto Mining App

Sophos revealed recent botnet attacks breach Microsoft SQL server databases to install a well-..

Ransomware Gangs Are Teaming Up to Form Cartel-Style Structures

The latest moves from ransomware groups suggest that gangs are forging alliances to create a m..

Maze Hacker Group Claims Infecting Insurance Giant Chubb with Ransomware

According to a claim published on its website, black hat hacker group, Maze, has compromised i..

New Report Finds North Korean Mining of XMR Increased Tenfold in 2019, Online Activity 300%

A report published by cybersecurity organization Insikt Group claims internet use in North Kore..