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Etiqueta: ransomware

New Report Finds North Korean Mining of XMR Increased Tenfold in 2019, Online Activity 300%

A report published by cybersecurity organization Insikt Group claims internet use in North Kore..

Chainalysis: 64% of Ransomware Attackers Launder Proceeds via Crypto Exchanges

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Crypto Miners Dominate Top 10 List of Most Prolific Malware Threats

A global threat report has concluded that the three most common malware variants detected in A..

Chinese Government Officials Targeted With Ransomware, North Korea Suspected

A statement issued by the People’s Government of Yiling District, Yichang has revealed that C..

Cryptojacking Rises as Ransomware Declines, Cyber Security Researchers Find

Two of the leading international cyber security firms, one from Russia and one from the USA, ha..

Bitcoin in Brief Wednesday: Hacker Gets Trolled, Vertcoin Gets Hacked

With all the talk about buying lambos, and some people making serious money, it’s no surp..

Litigation Filed in India for Immediate Intervention of the Flow of Bitcoins

Litigation has been filed in an Indian High Court by a public prosecutor of cybercrime cases. C..

US Blames Bitcoin Ransomware Attack Wannacry on North Korea

The US government has announced it now officially considers North Korea to be behind the Wannac..